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Meet our partners, who help us deliver to you the most innovative and appropriate solution for your needs.

Invenzi W-Access: the Open Platform Solution for Access Control!

Invenzi W-Access was initially compatible only with its line of hardware, but now is integrated with other leading hardware vendors, and is 100% WEB and cloud-ready! The constant search for improvement, partnerships, and the incorporation of new technologies make W-Access a connected and innovative access control platform.

Its flexibility and integration allow us to provide the perfect solution for any size, segment or project complexity. Meet our partners.

Axis offers network video and audio solutions, analysis and access control; contributing to the protection of people and properties, optimizing processes and increasing business efficiency and access to information. Founded in 1984 in Sweden, it has approximately 3,600 employees in more than 50 countries worldwide.

W-Access is integrated with all Axis products in the networked door controller line.

ControliD is specialized in developing hardware and software for electronic security, commercial automation and human resources management. It has a highly qualified engineering team, dedicated to creating and giving life to solutions that make productive and administrative processes more efficient for clients, reducing the occurrence of errors, preventing fraud and reducing costs. ControliD`s products are recognized for their quality, labour and tax standard compliance, reliability and safety, as well as modern and attractive design features.

W-Access is integrated with all Control ID products.

HID powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things. We make it possible for people to transact safely, work productively, and travel freely. Everyday millions of people in more than 100 countries use our products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through HID’s technology.

W-Access is integrated with all the HID product in the following lines:

  • EDGE EVO – Interface Module to single-door access control;
  • VertX EVO – Multi-door access control panels that reduce the burden on corporate LANs;
  • VertX – IP-based access control for remote management and reports generation.

Digifort is specialized in video surveillance software and video monotoring intelligence. Present in more than 130 countries, it has a solid reputation and values the excellence of its solutions, consolidating itself as a leader in the national market and among the best sellers in the world.

O W-Access is integrated with all Digifort VMS and Analytical products.

ZKTeco is the world leader in hybrid biometric verification technology, with branches in over 20 countries and with more than 3,000 employees. It has become a worldwide recognized, respected and wanted brand in the security and biometric industry. More than 220 million people use ZKTeco products in approximately 180 countries everyday.

W-Access is integrated with ZKTeco products in the Access Control line. Consult our team for compatible models.