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Facial Recognotion

Facial recognition is based on technologies for image processing and computer vision to not only detect the existence of human faces in the image but also to identify a person. For this purpose, an algorithm is employed to map the key points of the face and identify the user from pictures previously registered.

The facial recognition solutions integrated with Invenzi’s products allow a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Some of the benefits for a client when using facial recognition in access control are identifying the employees of a company, by replacing the use of a PIN, fingerprints or access cards, and detecting people in restricted access áreas, or even counting people in a given environment.

Projects such as hospitals, government and residential buildings, and clients that have security as a priority in their access control, find a strong ally in the facial recognition technology.

The Invenzi W-Access software fully integrates facial recognition technology, making it possible to control doors and turnstiles, or the people that pass through access openings by identifying the face using previously installed CCTV cameras or still using biometric terminals with facial recognition technology *.

Facial Recognition with W-Access

Integrated with Invenzi W-Access

Integrated with standalone facial recognition terminals that perform local face recognition authentication. In this scenario, Invenzi W-Access receives events and also sends user data to the standalone facial recognition terminal.

Integrated with facial recognition servers. CCTV cameras are connected to a server that will apply image processing and computer vision technologies. In this scenario, Invenzi W-Access receives events and also sends user data to the facial recognition server.

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