Our Solutions

Security, flexibility and freedom of choice

Invenzi understood the market’s need to have a constantly innovative access control system, with quality, security and flexibility to adapt to local needs and new technologies.

Invenzi W-Access

Open platform for access control, 100% web and cloud ready, integrated with the main hardware manufacturers and with the most advanced technologies modern people authentication.  

Self-Service App

More than self-service a new concept in the experience of inviting and receiving: visits and deliveries with quick visualization and easier management, optimizing time with total security and agility, invitations created with the security of the dynamic QR Code and the efficiency of an APP with fully intuitive usability.   

Facial recognition

Facial recognition not only detects the existence of human faces in the image, but also identifies the individual detected. Based on techniques image processing and computer vision, these solutions integrated with ours enable recognition with a high degree of reliability and precision.  


Biometric systems dispense with the use of access credentials that, less safe, have a negative impact on the environment due to their low durability and continuous need for replacement. Based on image processing and analysis of lines, peaks and valleys in digital printing, the recognition a unique template for the user.

Encrypted QR Code

With algorithms to protect information, the encrypted QR Code is more secure and protected from fraud. The solution is fully integrated with Invenzi W-Access which, in addition to enabling the use of the QR Code with encryption, also offers dynamic QR Code technology.  

Bluetooth credentials

Bluetooth is a fast and secure wireless communication technology for data transmission, based on short-range radio frequency. In access control, the use of bluetooth is an alternative to the badge and other physical credentials, allowing the presentation of a virtual credential through an application on the cell phone.  

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR) or Automatic Plate Recognition of Vehicles is an intelligent solution that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features for the automatic identification of license plates, allowing accredited signs to access the parking without using cards or tickets, avoiding the handling, issuing or returning of cards, or even the acquisition of devices, ensuring more speed for the flow of vehicles.