Rio-Galeão Airport


Rio-Galeão Airport

Rio-Galeão, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on January 20, 2017, is the largest international airport in Brazil, with 280,000 m², considering the area of Passenger Terminals 1 and 2 and the new Terminal 3 and has the fourth Busiest Freight Terminal in the country.


Design and deploy an access control system for approximately 20,000 users, integrating with CCTV, EV Sys (Cargo Terminal) and SICOA (Infraero Registration System), as well as specific screens for airport operations.


• 535 access controllers, including 47 departure and arrival gates, 46 remote station gates, 13 turnstiles, 3 vehicle gates, 1 tourniquet and 425 gates from restricted places such as administration and control rooms, among others.
• W-Access Software for 20,000 users and 22 simultaneous connections
• Integration with Sicoa, EV Sys and CCTV
• Navigation screens with the airport map, indicating locations with active alarms integrated with CCTV; real-time photo transit display screens.


One of the largest, most sophisticated and customized access control projects implemented in Brazil, with specific functions for the operations of a large airport and with the high level of security required by Rio-Galeão.



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